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My Book Cover

Very "linguistic"...

My Book Cover

Can’t grammar books be fun as well?
Can’t grammar books be inserted the elements of anecdotes?
More anecdotes, more fun, more jokes, more learning!
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is the reason of my Book Cover. Hehe.


I like this animation since I was little! I am still loving it! (It has been 13 years!) I love the plot, the main character, and the whole storyline. This is why I edited this video.
Hereby I dedicate this video to Rurouni Kenshin, the main character of the story Samurai Rurouni Kenshin.
He is a samurai, but contradicting to his occupation and his skills, he has a kind heart.

His famous quote is: “Sword is the weapon to kill, So I will never point the sharp edge towards others, but only towards myself.”

Throughout the story, he saves the land of Japan for many times, fighting together with his friends and his lover.
However, to my utter desperation, he dies in the end of the series. I cried my heart out every time I re-watched that episode.
Therefore I edited this video in remembrance to him.
Song used: Gravity of Love. Software used: VideoCutter and JayCut (Online).

It contains of scenes from different episodes, mainly describing Kenshin’s youth, whereby he becomes an orphan in times of war, being adopted by a stranger and being trained in skills of swords. Later, the youthful Kenshin joined the force of Japan as samurai (assassin) to rule over the current government. Towards the journey he killed a lot, and suffered a lot because of his killing. Ultimately, he closes his heart due to his suffering.
Wish my explanation is sufficient enough.

My point is: actually, by reading manga/watching animation(with English subtitles), it can enhance your English too!! I have learnt tonnes of vocabulary from this animation!

So, enjoy!

This song is called Just the Way You Are, originally sung by Bruno Mars. This is a cover and acoustic version by Boyce Avenue. It has good tune, and it has meaningful lyrics too.
This song basically describes how a man telling his girl that she should just remain the way she is, that he loves her for who she is right then and there.

Sometimes it occurs to me that love has indeed no reason, that feelings are temporal and when the rush is gone, some tend to give up easily. Maybe it is because of this unpredictability of love, that girls tend to change who they are for their loved ones.
However, as the song says it, girls, we should remain just the way we are.

We can learn English through songs too! Through lyrics!

Assuring Success in Teaching: ASSURE Model

After a very fulfilling lecture, I have learnt the importance of applying ASSURE model in classroom teaching while using technology. In my opinion, ASSURE Model clarifies the process of teaching and learning by stating the 6 stages that teacher should bear in mind in lesson planning.

When I first entered my degree year in Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) course, I still remembered that my lecturer told me:

“Teaching is the combination of art and science.”

ASSURE Model justifies the point that teaching is science. It it because in teaching, there are standard procedures to be followed and rationales to be thought off. Teaching could not be done on the spurn. It must be planned beforehand.
However, within the scope set, teaching can also be an art, for it allows teacher to be creative and apply different methods in their lessons.
Teaching, what a wonderful profession.
Producing Video: Certainly a First for me!

In the second lecture, the lecturer informed us that we would have to produce a video all by our own by the end of the semester. She then showed us a sample of video made by her son. The theme of that particular video was about lifestyle as foreign students in overseas countries.

It was a very nice video. After watching that video, I started to panic about our own production of video.
Producing a video.. only by the sound of it, it is already related (by me) to a few of the following words:
Difficult, meticulous, tiring, acting, moral values, tedious….
And a very tiny little voice said: It will be FUN!
Video production would most certainly be a first for me. I have tried editing video using online software before, and, oh gosh, it is extremely tedious. This assignment requires us to do far more than that. And… frankly I am eager to try it out!
Together with my friends, I believe we can do it!

I attended my first lecture on Technology in Education few weeks ago. The lecturer threw a question to us in the lecture: Does education come first? Or technology comes first?

Technology? or Education first?

Marrying technology into education is inevitable as now we are already in the midst of technology era. Applying PowerPoints most certainly will help teacher in explaining her lesson, and furthermore it enables the recycling of the material more efficiently! Paper and Cardboard materials may decay over a period of time, but data saved in computer could hardly be lost, provided that safety measurements are taken (save documents into pendrive, external hard disc, saving an alternate copy in email etc).

However, technology should not over-rule teacher’s teaching. Without technology, a teacher should still be able to teach. Technology is only a tool.

A note to teacher-to-be out there: Do plan your lesson with a good-enough Plan B in advance. This way, you won’t be freaked out when your laptop/LCD/computer software breaks down!


This is my assignment for Poster Presentation. Together with my group, I need to produce a poster for the drama Gulp and Gasp by John Townsend.

This is a good way for students to learn about drama, that they are able to learn better about a drama through producing a poster about it.

The Poster

The Poster

In my future days as teacher I will also use this interesting method to teach students about literature!

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